Solomon Woytowich


This Biography Section covers the various details throughout the Author's life that have been important in some way to the development of him on a personal level as well as the different events that have happened over the years while he was writing.

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"Over the last several years I was able to actually get down to writing on the level I had always wanted to. The story changed and expanded even more as I wrote. It had now become a full series project, with seven books the projected length.

2010 was a very good year for me in the sense of change. Through a friends wedding I met a wonderful girl named Diane. It might sound a little cliché to fall for someone at a friends wedding, but I knew after getting to know her for a couple of weeks that she was the one I wanted to be with. She was visiting from BC for the wedding and had to return the day after. We got to know each other over the distance and in May of 2010 I moved to her hometown of Fort St. John, BC so I could be closer to her.

Diane has been a great inspiration to me and always encouraged me in my writing. When I first moved to BC I was working floor security at a Casino. It was a very boring job with a great deal of free time. To make the most of it I would take down note on a small notepad during my shifts. With the notes I would take down the story began to expand quickly. I switched jobs over the coming months and eventually ended up working front desk for Lakeview Inns & Suites. Working at a hotel was the ideal job for a struggling writer. Over six month I was able to write almost 300 pages and finish the first book in the series.

In April of 2011, the first book in the Tears of Omega series, Piercing the Veil, launched. With the physical books still being manufactured at this point in time, the eBook versions were the first to sell. The first shipment of 500 books were especially made as a collectors item. Each copy will be personally signed and a holograph seal of authenticity will be placed on the inside of each.

July 2011 is anticipated to be an exciting month. With the launch of the physical books locally and across the country the excitment is building. Support is growing in Fort St. John with a handful of business that have expressed their interest in selling the book on their shelves."


"There's a lot I could say about myself. To say my life has always been easy or simple would be a great understatement. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta on Spetember 29th, 1984. We moved around a lot during those early years of my life. If someone was to ask me the different cities I lived in before the age of six I don't think I could recall them. At age six my family moved across the country to Ottawa, Ontario for job reasons. I spent the next ten years living in the big city. We did move around several times, but it was all within Ottawa still.

During the Second Grade the school I was attending relocated to the other side of the city from where we were currently living. It was at this point that my parents decided to Home School me. Although it did create some big changes in my life, many things stayed the same. I still made friends, and bullies with the neighborhood kids. Just after my seventh birthday I became friends with Mark Fernando. Mark and I have been best friends for almost twenty years now. Our friendship was one of the inspirations for the character Marcus in the story.

I used to think the first creative point in my life came in my teenage years when I started playing music. I've come to realize that it came much sooner in the form of Lego. As odd as it might sound I greatly expanded my imagination through the use of Lego on a daily basis. It was the number one thing I would ask for when it came to birthdays and Christmas.

When I was around thirteen I had a desire to start playing electric guitar. My parents got me music lessons and a basic electric. I picked it up very quickly and it became my passion. I would play it everyday and challange my music teacher to teach me new songs. It was around this same time that I began to write poetry and song lyrics. This was the first time I had ever tried to write in a creative sense.

Over the next handful of years I had several poems published which encouraged my love of writing. When I was fifteen I wrote for the school paper for the local Home School Association. After high school I left writing behind. I moved back ot my hometown of Edmonton and worked for the next year.

When I was nineteen I attended Briercrest College in Saskatchewan. I took a mixture of classes, the most enjoyable of which was Video Production. I found I had a nature talent for the class and dove into it at full speed. After two semester I had a near perfect GPA in those classes. Unfortunately I had let most of my other classes fall behind and was unable to enroll for a second year because of low GPA overall.

At age twenty I returned back to Ottawa. I had just come out of a very painful relationship and was looking for a new start in life. I took random part time jobs, anything from selling ice cream in the summer to shoveling snow in the winter. I had lost a sense of direction and purpose with my life. I had allowed the hurt and anger of the past year influense my thinking. It wasn't until I met an amazing girl that things began to change. She soon became the love of my life and helped me to find what I was looking for.

It was at this point in time, in early 2005, that Tears of Omega came alive. I started out writing a short story concept. I had started with several chapter concepts and then put it on the side for some time. When I came back to it some time later it exploded in more way than I could have imagined. I wrote several chapters over several days. The story began to evolve and take shape. I worked on it in my spare time and whenever I felt inspired. It was a slow process though.

In 2006, I began attending Algonquin College in Ottawa. I was taking Photography since it was the closest thing to Video Production I could take without relocating to a different city. I quickly began to greatly enjoy the program and became very good at it. I started my own photography and design company in 2007 called Hybrid Concepts Imagery. I continued running my business for another 3 years.

In late 2007, after 3 years together my relationship with ended. Once again I found myself at a very hard point in my life. Over the next year I slowly worked on pulling myself up, but it wasn't until I turned my attention back to the story I had started that things really began to change. I started working on it again in 2009. It was a slow at first and the years away from it was very evident. As time went on I was able to focus once again and immerse myself in the world once more."